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Major Business Packaging Company - Order Management/Inventory System


One of the largest packaging companies located in the Southeast.


The Client was in the process of completely replacing their order management and inventory management systems. Their legacy systems were written in Paradox and had grown with the company until they had reached the point of being non-maintainable. The company decided a completely new system was in order and settled on .NET as the platform. None of the pre-written available applications met their needs. The Client needed a provider to architect a completely new system and to create an implementation plan. When the Client was preparing for the project, they approached a couple of local sources for resources and got "sticker shock" at the cost of the resources. Their whole project was in jeopardy. It was at that point that NCS was contacted.


NCS was able to leverage our relationships in the local market and our expertise in providing similar skill sets to identify and supply skilled resources rapidly at the budgeted price. During the initial phase, NCS was able to capture the client's need and begin implementing the project. The system was implemented in .NET and ASP.NET using a language called C# (C-Sharp). Modules were laid out by the NCS architect and written by NCS programmers. Data was converted from the old Paradox system and input into the new data structures.


The project has already aided the Client in getting new business. The new order management system is integrated with their Website to enable them to use the Internet to streamline order entry and fulfillment.