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Municipal Water Provider - Water Quality Sampling & Permitting


A major public utility located in Southern Nevada, providing water to more than a million people.


To effectively manage the water quality sampling and permitting of over 8000 water wells and water quality sampling stations in Southern Nevada, among 7 distinct governmental agencies, that are crucial to maintaining the health of all drinking water for the Southern Nevada Region.


Develop an Enterprise GIS/Oracle web-based application that can be securely accessed by each agency's headquarters as well as from the field via table computers outfitted with a CMDA wireless Internet connection. The NCS staff was brought in to develop and integrate a web-enabled enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) solution into their existing Oracle data model. NCS was able to utilize Oracle's Spatial Data Object (SDO) and create a flash-based mapping interface to allow authorized users the ability to update in real-time crucial information from the field. Additionally, field scientists could view environmental maps of the area where they were currently located and more effectively navigate to remote sampling locations using tablet PC's linked via wireless Internet access.


Scientists from member agencies were better able to coordinate sampling trips to the various wells saving valuable time and ensuring all necessary critical sampling locations were conducted on time. By verifying their location on the map using GPS and the flash-based maps, the field staff was able to expedite water quality sampling trips and reduce errors in water quality sampling lab work and data recording. 3D environmental data is now easily shared among the agencies' scientists and accessed from one Enterprise database. Additionally, educational and research institutions are able to access and download the collected information with an intuitive map based user interface.