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Case Studies

Major Insurance Provider - Project Management


Multi-line insurance provider


The Client needed hands-on technical project managers to form, lead and direct the teams across the project life cycle - from requirements through delivery. This included NCS conducting the initial requirements analysis, a cost benefit options analysis, delivery options (e.g. batch reports vs. online - Web-based reporting), and integration options (e.g. legacy system and package software). This project objective was to rapidly build, manage, and deliver a complete solution from start to finish in a cost efficient manner.


The NCS project managers determined the best approach (buy and integrate packages vs. build) to best meet the business objectives while minimizing cost and delivery time. This required determining the best architecture necessary to meet the business requirements in a manner that allowed for rapid development and deployment while minimizing the cost. This also required vendor negotiation (package and service providers, Website providers, etc.) to further lower costs and shorten the development cycle.

These activities included:

  • Construction and maintenance of the project plan containing deliverable timelines, checkpoints, participants and allocated times (e.g. GANTT)
  • Budgeting the time, materials and logistics necessary to profile sufficient project specifics to build and complete the project in a phased manner. Substantial travel was required. The first phase was delivery of online integrated reports for the internal participants (company employees). The second phase was generating Web-based reporting (bills and shipment progress) directly accessible by the company's Clients.
  • Formation and management of the team consisted of NCS consultants and Client participants. Definition was given to the roles, responsibilities, duties, and deadlines. Selecting, placing, and modifying team participants according to skill and desired results were completed.
  • NCS interfaced with key members of the acquired, and the acquiring, company to facilitate information flow.
  • Determination of the technical architecture that best met the business objectives were rapidly developed and maintained at a reasonable cost. Proper determination of file formats, database architecture, and process design was made.
  • Determination and implementation of the conversion strategy allowed for seamless conversion minimizing down time while rapidly implementing the final integrated product. Conversion contained proper checks and balances to guarantee converted values were properly brought forth.
  • Determination and implementation of checkpoints and controls ensured ongoing accounting balance requirements were met; exceptions were noted and reported according to exception magnitude and resolution completion.


  • Project was completed on schedule and within budget and technical requirements.
  • Down time was eliminated through off-time conversion planning and execution.
  • The NCS project personnel kept on track with little or no turnover.
  • The Client increased business opportunity through demonstrating rapid delivery at a low cost.