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Leading Overnight Shipping Company - Revenue System


The client is a premier provider of shipping and information services worldwide.


The client purchased a company and renamed the company as one of their subsidiaries. This prompted a need to consolidate a customer's Ground shipments and Express shipments (air) on the same invoice. One of the goals of the client was to generate a better customer relationship. This project was implemented to benefit our client's customers.


As a result of this decision, a major software project was implemented to capture the data from the Ground processing center, convert it to current client formats and send it on to downstream systems for processing using their current downstream software. These processes include updating an on-line viewing of all shipments, updating the accounts receivable system and generating a new invoice that includes both Ground and Express shipments.


NCS provided a consultant that was the project lead to accomplish the tasks set out by the company. In order to accomplish this task, NCS provided a five-member team that was established in the Revenue Systems development area of the company. This team did analysis, design and implementation of changes and additions to software needed to accomplish the task. NCS took the existing system software and incorporated the ground data into the system, therefore causing minimal changes downstream. To do this, NCS designed a massive conversion process that took the Ground data and converted it into the existing format of the Express data. This conversion process took 30 different formats from Ground and converted them into one Express format. Reports were also generated to report all of the Ground activity for a given day. Balancing routines were designed to insure all Ground data was accounted for regarding what was sent, what was received, what was in error, and what was processed. The client now has a consolidated invoice of Ground and Express activity. Customers have expressed how much easier it is for them now that all of their activity is on the same invoice.